I’m Liz. I’m a 33-year-old avid backpacker who didn’t grow up outside. 

In 2015, I decided to dedicate myself to sharing what I’ve learned about backpacking because I believe every woman who wants to try it, should have access to the knowledge and tools to be able to go.

I believe a backpacking adventure is one of the most important journeys you’ll ever take. I want to help you experience that.


In college, I used to think those dreadhead backpacking students at UC Santa Cruz were a bunch of "dirty hippies." Turns out I was right. But it also turns out I have some "dirty hippy" in me too. 

Having grown up in the burbs of Los Angeles, I had no idea what backpacking was until I left my insular life and headed (literally) into the woods for college. (OMG, talk about culture shock!) And as intrigued as I was of those hippies and their giant backpacks, it took me quite some time to finally act on my curiosity of backpacking. 

In fact, I dragged my feet for ten years until I finally went on my first trip to a far off exotic land...30 minutes away from my bay area home. I was so excited and (mostly) scared to go backpacking that I had two girlfriends escort me the 1.5 miles to the campsite. They were only there for the day and I would be alone that night. To my huge relief, three awkward teenage boys camped two sites down from this awkward 20-something newbie. I wasn't completely alone that night, thank God! But still, I barely got any sleep! 

Backpacking that first time was nothing like what I imagined when I saw those epic Instagram tent photos. In fact, I was surrounded by big whatever-looking bushes, camped next to a pit toilet, and my dinner was quite bland. I was actually kinda bored. Even though I booked it out of there the next morning...I was hooked! Since that first experience, I've been to a lot of places and each experience has made me who I am. 

I'm a recent transplant to Montana from the SF/Bay Area. I love the quiet and slowness of living in small-town America, but also need the infusion of energy from a metropolitan area. I'm certified as a Wilderness-EMT and try to spend a good chunk of time exploring outside. (Oh, and I totally miss superb Thai and Mexican food. If you're ever visiting me, please, burrito offerings are welcome.)

SO Why create snowqueen & Scout?

I believe every woman who wants to backpack should be empowered and equipped to go. When we hear the mountains calling, we should get busy responding, not getting lost in information. (And too many people get lost on the internet looking for info about how to backpack. That's just not okay.)

Snowqueen & Scout was created so you can easily and simply go backpacking. 

Backpacking is a humbling journey to discover our true selves. It invites us to return to simplicity. It invites us to disconnect so we can reconnect with what's right in front of us. It invites us to step into our external and internal discomforts. It invites us to love all of us, especially the messy parts. Backpacking invites us to be free.

I don't want any women to miss out on the experience because they didn't know where to start. 

I believe you'll feel clearer about who you are, and more secure and confident. But most importantly, you'll feel closer to God. And that...that is a beautiful thing.

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Thanks for reading this and look forward to seeing you on the journal some time! 
xo, Liz

(P.S. Want to know why this site called Snowqueen & Scout?)