Montana | Turquoise Lake

It was supposed to be a beautiful fall day. Instead, it was really cloudy when we woke and even cloudier as we drove northeast into Flathead National Forest. While googling "turquoise," a hit caught my eye. It was for turquoise lake in Missoula County. My investigation turned into a must, and at 11pm that night, I suggested to my husband that we go hiking the next morning.  

He agreed and we were off the next day. 

The hour and 45 min drive from Missoula was stunning, especially when the fog started lifting. When we finally pulled off the main highway onto Kraft Creek Road, I wasn't sure if we were headed in the right direction, but the views kept my attention. We followed the dirt road up and down the Mission Mountain Wilderness until I thought we were surely lost. But just at that moment, we reached a trailhead (with a bathroom)! There were other cars parked there and I felt immediately relieved we weren't alone.

From there, we hiked mostly uphill for the first half, then mostly downhill on the way back. It wasn't as steep as I had expected, but still a good climb. You can see some pics and get gps data here.

Total miles: 12.6