Ramen is already awesome, but make it blow your mind!


I'm not talking about any ramen, I'm specifically referring to Korea's finest Shin Ramen. Slurping up the hot and spicy noodles is perfect after a long day of hiking.

Imagine this: you're clean after bathing in an ice cold river; you're in your warm cozy pajamas, thick wool sock and crocs (if you have them); and you are hungry. You boil some water and pop in some ramen noodles (already pre-mixed with the msg-filled seasoning. It's looking real good, but you realize it's missing something. 

It's missing sprinkles of AWESOME that you never knew you needed: you've been missing out on dehydrated veggies!

To enhance your ramen, dehydrate yourself some green onion, carrots, onion, peppers -- pretty much anything you want -- and add some to your mix of noodles. It will provide extra nutrients, fiber, and filling in addition to a carby, salt-replenishing shin ramen. If you don't have a dehydrator, you can use your oven on a really low setting to dehydrate. Here's a great resource on how to dry veggies in the oven. Or there's always buying them at the store.