Sample Meal Plan

Here's a sample meal plan for a four-day trip. This is what I took on one of my solo trips, and ended up coming out with some leftover! 


Oatmeal (4 servings)

8 Hawaiian bread rolls
4 Justin's nut butters

4 bags of dehydrated soup + dried rice

2 Luna bars
Gummy bears
Beef jerky
1 bag of peanut m&ms
4 pieces of candy
GU chomps (1.5 bags)
1 bag sport beans


The reason for the leftovers was because: 
1) I took one extra dinner, which I ate instead of a breakfast serving of oatmeal;
2) I probably should've forced myself to eat some more snacks. I remember being a bit hungry during this trip, but it was so hot I struggled swallowing dry food;
3) I met two women who brought too much food and shared their dinner with me. (Other people's food usually tends to look tastier than my own on the trail. Why is that?)

What do you like to eat on the trail?