Question / What's that on your pack?

Okay, no one really asked me why I had a shirt (my favorite one, btw) hanging on my backpack, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain it since it ruined this epic view of the Pyrenees. As a photographer, the bright pink steals the show in this photo. But you know why I still like it? Because it's real. It's what I actually do out in the backcountry. If I need to dry something, I hang it on my pack while I hike. Shirts, socks, mini towel...underwear!

My shirt had gotten really sweaty while hiking (I'm a back sweater, what can I say?) and the wind started picking up. This is usually a bad combo because I'll start getting cold and uncomfortable, and in extreme cases could lead to hypothermia. To address my problem, I changed into a dry shirt and well, I'll let this gif explain the rest. 


You're welcome.  ;-)