Lighten Your Load / Water Bottle Consideration

People use all sorts of water contraptions to carry water. I've always carried 3-liter (3L) Camelbak in the past, but it weighs 7.3oz! That's a lot of additional weight! It's also something that I find quite cumbersome to take in and out of my pack. It's so annoying that I often just say, "'s okay, I don't need more water." That's Lazy Liz talking. No, it's not okay to be short on water or not drink enough because it's a hassle to fill. Sounds like it's time for a new solution, right?

Well my first water bottle consideration is a plastic 1L bottle. It's drawbacks include being less durable, but it's only 1.3oz. I'd carry two of these, which would make it 2.6oz. This still gets me a 4.7oz drop in pack weight. I'll even cut off the little plastic pieces since they're unnecessary and "every ounce counts" (not because I'm anal or anything). 


Okay, the plastic ring thing doesn't weigh anything. (But everything always weight something, right?!) Well I weighed two of those plastic rings and it considered being 0.1oz for a split second before settling on 0oz. Good to know.

Stay tuned for a little trick on how to keep the cap attached to your bottle. It would suck to lose such an important aspect of your water bottle.

What do you use as your water bottle?