Lighten Your Load / Have you considered a kid's toothbrush?

Have you heard those stories of OCD people cutting off the handle of their toothbrush to shave some weight? Those crazy cats!

Well, I'm one of them.

Except not anymore, not really.


I use Preserve toothbrushes on the daily, so one time, I chopped off the handle and took my severed toothbrush backpacking. I wasn't impressed. It was too short and awkward to hold so I ended up dribbling down my mouth and hand. It became a mess. (Maybe it was the operator and not the tool.) Regardless, the Preserve Jr. toothbrush is a great alternative to sawing your toothbrush in half. It works fantastically well and it's 0.3oz LESS THAN the adult size one. WooHoo! EVERY OUNCE COUNTS SISTA!

What do you use?