How do you pee in the woods?

Sometimes I hold my pee for too long, simply because it's such a hassle to take off my pack, find a hidden spot, pull down my pants, and make sure I don't splash my shoes and pants while I relieve myself. Do you know this feeling? 

Peeing can be an incredibly wonderful feeling of relief and frankly, annoying to do as a woman. In the woods, there are a few methods for peeing each with their pros and cons. Each option assumes you're wearing pants. As a friend pointed out, peeing with skirt makes it a lot easier! This is definitely true, but I personally prefer pants because I like my legs protected from getting scratched up or bitten (during mosquito season). Do you backpack with a skirt or pants? Anyway....

Option 1: Standard Squatting + Toilet Paper

HOW: After you pee, use your TP as you normally would and then place it into your trash bag.
PROS: I love toilet paper on my chacha. It's what's normal; what I'm used to every day.
CONS: You have to do all those things I mentioned above (find a hidden spot, take off your pack, pull down pants, make sure your butt's not exposed to everyone or poisonous plants, make sure you don't splash yourself), but most of all, you have to pull out your trash bag to carry out that toilet paper. #LeaveNoTrace

Option 2: Standard Squatting + Shake & Drip Dry

HOW: While squatting, shake to try to get those last drops off pee off and then pull up your bottoms. 
PROS: No toilet paper to deal with! WhooHoo!
CONS: Same cons as Option 1, but with shaking and drip drying, there's always still a little leftover pee that will get on your underwear. It's probably not very much, but for some reason it feels like a lot more than I like (as much as I try to shake it off!). Those pee drips add moisture to my chacha where I'm already kinda sweaty from hiking. More moisture = more opportunity for bacterial growth. Ehhh. With this method, I usually feel just a bit dirtier at the end of the day.

Option 3: Standard Squatting + Pee Rag


HOW: After you pee, just dab dry yourself as you would normally. Hang it on the outside of your pack to dry for next use.
PROS: No toilet paper to deal with AND a dry chachqy! Plus, it's light. Wiping yourself after you pee is a great way to keep your chacha dry and comfy while not having to carry out any trash. Also, urine is sterile, so it's not like you're carrying around all this bacteria.
CONS: If you feel uncomfortable with reusing a rag to wipe yourself, well, there it is. Just make sure your rag drys out well. It'll get stinky if you don't. Let those UV rays soak in!

IDEAS: Use a bandana as your P-Rag. To reduce weight, cut it into four squares, and take just one square. Normal bandanas are usually 22"x22". You could even make your own. I got a soft used sheet from the thrift store and my friend sewed it up for me with a loop for easy attachment to my pack. It's only 10"x10" and weighs a mere 0.4oz.

Stand Using a Pee Funnel

PROS: You don't need to squat, take off your pants or find a place that's too inconspicuous. And you can use it to wipe the extra drips of pee so no toilet paper or P-Rag if you wanted to.
CONS: Extra weight!

Shewee$12.00 + S&H

The Original Shewee (Image from

The Original Shewee (Image from

Which method do you use? Which method have you wanted to try?