Jeanine Pesce

Reflections / What does it mean to be an outdoors woman?


Jeanine Pesce, Founder of This is Range posted an interesting long-form essay about what it means to be a modern outdoors woman. In her interviews with various women in the industry, she came to this description:

"The Modern Outdoors Woman is inquisitive, kind, and willing to introduce her less experienced friends to the outdoors...She is beyond stoked to collaborate, and her competitive nature, although present while in motion, is more passive when creating content. She finds strength in her femininity, and doesn’t feel that words like 'tomboy' define her. She is just as comfortable casting a line as she is shopping online, and is constantly daydreaming about trips and adventures."

What surprised me in the description was the characteristic of "willing to introduce her less experienced friends to the outdoors." I wouldn't have initially thought to include that, but I completely resonate with it. In essence, I think what that highlights is the characteristic of hosting, of welcoming someone into a new space with the hopes of making them feel at home or at ease. I believe this is a defining characteristic of femininity -- (to clarify, this doesn't mean being female).

At our best, I think women are incredibly supportive and nurturing. (Yes!) Have you ever been in the company of women who make you feel like you can be fully yourself? You feel accepted and there's not a single ounce of judgement or pretense. You can just be. It's a feeling of being loved for exactly who you are. It's incredibly nourishing to be in the company of those women.

But at our worst, we can tear each other down with gossip and a misplaced competitive spirit. Anyone know what I'm talking about here? :( 

The essay goes on to summarize some interview findings:

"All the women we spoke with were different, but they all had the same things in common: a unified, deep-rooted love of life and an absolutely pure appreciation of nature and the great outdoors.

Simply put, we are on a journey to discover something deeper and more meaningful."

(OoOh, I love that last line and completely resonate with it!) I might expand on Jeanine's description to define the modern outdoors woman as a woman who journeys into the outdoors seeking a deep experience of life and of greater acceptance of oneself.

How about you? How would you define the modern outdoors woman?