Jennifer Pharr Davis

Inspiration / Jennifer Pharr Davis' TEDx Talk - Journey of the Appalachian Trail

Jennifer Pharr Davis has been a long time hero of mine since I first read her book Becoming Odyssa. My friend Scott, who I met on the trail the day before ascending Mt. Whitney, recommended the book. I stored it in my mind for later. When I finally got to reading it, JPD's book had me howling and crying, flipping the pages for more and more of her story. I was enthralled to read a young woman's epic journey into becoming herself. I resonated with it because I felt I was on a similar journey of becoming, by way of adventure.

I was elated to see that JPD spoke at a TEDx event recently; two favorites wrapped up in one! I whole-heartedly agree with the journey she shares. So without further ado, here's Day 3 of my #100daysofwilderness project: my trail hero!

The trail made me realize that I could do so much more than I once thought was possible. We can all do so much more than what we think is possible.
Adventure is healthy. It’s healthy for your heart and your minds.
— Jennifer Pharr Davis