Backpacking Snack Ideas / Snack Down, Part 3

I've been a fan of Justin's for a while now, not just because I am in love with their packaging, but because their products are fantastic. But I wanted to give Wild Friends a try simply because it's helpful to know what else is out there. I mean what if there's something better I've been missing out on? So here's my quick take on these almond butters.

Justin's Honey Almond Butter VS. Wild Friends' Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter


Justin's has a great sweetness to nuttiness ratio. I tried the plain almond butter and it was fine, but perhaps a little too one-dimensional. It's straight almond butter. The honey, however, adds a really nice touch of moisture which makes it easier to eat. In other words, I don't feel like a dog trying to eat peanut butter

Wild Friends on the other hand was not as awesome. You know it's going to be dry because when it says to kneed before you consume, you really need to get in there. That was the first flag for me. The vanilla was hardly noticeable because the espresso flavor was definitely dominant. I also didn't think it was sweet enough for my palette. 

I'm still stickin' with Justin's after this Snack Down. Have you tried these brands? What was your take?