Why Snowqueen & Scout?

Meet Snowqueen
She's sassy and beautiful, and her purr will get you to do whatever she wants. But what I love most about Snowqueen is that she's unapologetically herself. She loves her comforts like falling asleep on a pile of fluffy leaves, finding respite in the shade, and delicately swaying her large hips back and forth. She gets that she's royalty and works it like no other feline I know. 

Meet Scout
She's super playful and likes to pounce on anything pounce-able. She's adventurous and risky, willing to explore outside of her familiar boundaries. She has a blast hunting little critters and giving them as gifts. Scout isn't shy about asking for love and giving it. She passes time by milling about, and attacking when you least suspect. I love how Scout just goes for it. I find her irresistible!

I like to say that combined, these two cats capture the essence of femininity. An elegantly fierce, comfort-loving, swagger-town Snowqueen coupled with the adventuresome, don't-mind-if-i-do, playful spirit of Scout. I think we all have a "Snowqueen" and a "Scout" in us, We all have parts of us that need and want different things. Both work together in the backcountry; both are worth celebrating!

Are you more like Snowqueen or Scout?