Product Review / PiperWai All Natural Deodorant

Have you been looking for effective, ultralight, all natural deodorant to use in the backcountry? Well I found it and I'm SO excited to share it with you! It's PiperWai, all natural deodorant.

Girl, this story is good because it starts with a confession. 

I am TOTALLY insecure about smelling bad, like always. I don't like it one bit. And although I've come to terms with smelling less than ideal on backpacking trips, by all means if there's a solution, I'll take it!

Oddly, even though I'm insecure about smelling bad, I gave up deodorant a couple years ago to simplify my life (and because I felt bad about all the plastic involved in the packaging). I've been fine without it, but I think my subconscious has always been on the lookout for an all natural and mostly waste-free solution.

Well I happened to be watching one of my favorite shows Shark Tank last December and saw PiperWai on one of the episodes. I was like, "WaAaAaahh? Could this be true?! An effective all natural deodorant?!" I bought one immediately for $15.99 ($11.99 + $4 S&H) on 12/23/15. I just received it a couple days ago, as in 7 weeks later. Honestly, I didn't care that they were crazy delayed because I don't use deodorant anyway. (I mostly shared that bit of info because that company is blowing up and if you want to order a product, you'll probably have to wait a month+ to get yours.)

Well......Yadda yadda want to know if it works, right? ME TOO! I put it on immediately after I took all the photos in this post and put it through the ultimate test: a video chat.


My pits sweat like no other when I'm sitting still on a video chat moving my mouth and staring at a screen. After 90 minutes of sweating, I smelled my pits and no kidding, I smelled like a SPA. I know. I couldn't believe it either. 

Of course I asked my husband to smell my pits immediately afterward to confirm my finding. He replied with a, "yeeeeeeeah" which was 100% unconvincing. Which I then replied with, "What?! You don't think I smell like a spa?! Smell my pits again!" He took a whiff, looked at me and said that I smelled like his 93-year-old French grandmother. LOL. 

I love this man. 

I mean, c'mon, he smelled my sweaty pits on command. Who cares if I smell like a 93-year-old grandma? Anyway, my point is, I think I smell like spa and that's what matters.

I did go for a run as well to test the product through a more physically athletic affair than video chatting and I can confirm that I smelled mostly of a spa with a splash of chlorine afterward (which may be from the witch hazel ingredient).



You can read more on their website, but here are the highlights:

  • PiperWai contains ingredients that create a pH-balanced environment where bacteria can't thrive. (The bacteria is what causes the stank!)
  • They use essential oils that provide a pleasant smell and has some anti-microbial properties.
  • The Magnesium Hydroxide ingredient curbs the offensiveness of underarm sweat, potentially due to its pH-balancing properties. 
  • A bonus: it's great for sensitive skin.

Here's the thing: When I can find an effective product I can use for both on and off the trail, it's like a double rainbow sighting. For the trail, however, I'd repackage just what I need in a tiny container and voila, I get a tiny bit of luxury while roughing it. (LOVE!)

Overall, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PiperWai for all of your backpacking, travel  and video chat needs. (Now, they just need to come up with a deodorant for my vjay. ;-P)

How do you apply PiperWai?

The directions suggest using a "pea-size" amount and to rub it into your pit, then to "pat yourself on back for using a healthy, natural deodorant."

First, I used less than a pea-size and found it to work fine. I suggest playing with the amount and figuring out what works best for you. Second, pat yourself on the back if it pleases you, but I definitely suggest taking a whiff of your finger tips! MMMmmmmm...


  • It's ultralight!
  • You'll smell good!
  • It's all natural!
  • It's a tiny bit of luxury while roughin' it.
  • It's fairly affordable, all things considered.
  • You get to smell your fingers afterward!

You can buy your PiperWai HERE. (Psst. This is NOT an affiliate link. This is just my Public Service Announcement for all lady backpackers.)