light my fire

Gear / Some spoony comparisons


You gotta eat, so what utensil are you going to take?

I'm a super simple eater in the backcountry because I don't want to deal with making and cleaning up complicated meals. Boil water, wait, eat: that's all I want to do. This doesn't mean I don't like to eat tasty and healthy food; my meals just need to be a 1-step process.

With this approach, I've found I can simplify the tools I need to one thing: a spoon. 

(L to R: Sea to Summit spork, Light My Fire Spork, GSI Pouch Spoon)

I've used the Sea to Summit spork for a while now and honestly don't really like it. I got the spork version because I thought I'd need it one day if I wanted to try someone else's food out on the trail. Well, I can report that I've never needed a spork to have a bite of someone else's good lookin' food. In fact, the spork aspect of it can be quite annoying. 

The blue Light My Fire spork is a 3-in-1 utensil I found on the Teton Crest Trail last fall. Too bad for whoever lost it because they were probably slurping up their food for the rest of their trip. The spork is functional, but has too many features for my needs. 

That last GSI Outdoor Pouch Spoon is my husband's, so I threw it in the mix. It's the "heaviest" of the three by 0.1 oz, but the one I prefer most. 

The one I've had my eye on lately is the 0.56oz Snow Peak Titanium Long Spoon, but for a whopping $19.95, I can't get myself to pay up! The long handle and compact size are certainly enticing.

Of these, which one seems most appealing to you?