Solo Backpacking: What info to share

If you plan on going on a solo backpacking trip, I would highly recommend giving any and all relevant information to your "team" of supporters -- these are the people who will be looking out for you from home. 

I try to share everything I think will be important in case of an emergency situation. Below is an example email of the information I provided during a solo trip to Montana (when I was living in California).

Where I'll be: Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana
Trailhead start/end: Benchmark

GENERAL ITINERARY (subject to some change)
Wed, July 24: arrive at Benchmark after 6pm MST, camp at trailhead
Thurs, July 25: trail 202 to trail 203 (towards Chinese wall)
Fri, July 26 - Mon, July 29: trail 203 (continue to Chinese wall, then I'm not sure what I'll do yet. Either do a loop back to Benchmark going west then southeast or east then southwest or do an out and back. I'm going to decide after I talk to a ranger.)
*Note: I am aiming to be out of the wilderness and back to my car by 5pm MST on Mon, July 29th. 

POINT PEOPLE (in case I don't check in by 5pm MST on 7/29)
1) Samuel Mandell
Relationship: Fiance

If I don't check in via phone/text, you might begin to worry a bit. 
If I don't check in by 7pm, on 7/29, please call ranger station (see contact info below)

2) Sheri Jarvis
Relationship: Friend in Montana

I'm planning on meeting Sheri at her friend's home in Potomac, Montana on Mon, July 29th. 

RANGER STATION (that manages the area I'll be in)
Rocky Mountain Ranger District
1102 Main Ave NW
Choteau, MT 59422
Phone: (406)-466-5341

(See attached pic)
Car I'm driving: Honda Civic hybrid, light green blue (See attached pic)
License: XXXXXX
Belongs to: Name, Phone #, Relationship to me

(See attached pic)
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 136
Height: 5'3"
Allergies: Cipro


Below are the pictures I attached to this email in case they needed to send it to anyone in case of emergency.