Reflections / Where do you feel God?

Hiking in the High Sierras.
"I am a reasonably orthodox Methodist, and I go to church on Sunday because fellowship matters, because I find meaning in the history of the Israelites and in the Gospels, and because I love to sing hymns. But it is not in “God’s house” that I feel God’s presence most—it is in his outdoors, on some sun-warmed slope of pine needles or by the surf. It is there that the numbing categories men have devised to contain this mystery—sin and redemption and incarnation and so on—fall away, leaving the overwhelming sense of the goodness and the sweetness at work in the world."
Bill McKibben

For me, so much of being out in the wilderness is about experiencing God. It's completely mysterious and beautiful and thirst-quenching in an inexplicable way. The deeper I go and the more challenging it is, the more I feel God's presence. 

I plan every controllable detail of a backpacking trip (understand the terrain, prepare for the unexpected, line up my meals, etc) so that I can be fully present when I'm there in the wild. I want to pay attention when God shows up as tiny plants proudly standing next to hundred-year-old trees, who stand humbly shoulder-to-shoulder on top of ancient mountains who have seen thousands of years pass. They have witnessed more than we can fathom. This is when I too feel the "overwhelming sense of the goodness and the sweetness at work in the world."

Have you experienced God's presence in the wilderness? How does God show up for you?

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