Gear / REI Flash 60 Women's Backpack / The sophisticated big sister to Flash 52

Summer in western Montana is when I love roaming trails when wildflowers are bursting all over, while big fluffy clouds float across huge blue skies. Right now in early spring, the hills are at the cusp of turning fully green. I have to pay close attention because everything is bursting into life!
This summer, I’m looking forward to getting to know the wildernesses around me more intimately. Have you heard of the Bob, the Missions, the Rattlesnake, or the Absoroka-Beartooth wildernesses? Most of those aren’t famous like Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks, but they hold understated wonders I want to explore at a slower pace, to soak them all slowly in.
REI sent me a new pack recently, the Flash 60. I like to call her the more sophisticated big sister to my previous Flash 52 because of some feature improvements. I’m particularly looking forward to using the pack because it’ll make my trips more comfortable. Let me give you my REI Flash 60 Pack Laydown and highlight a few features I’m pretty stoked about.

First, I’m a major sweaty back girl, so put a pack on it and I instantly get a mini waterfall down my back every time I go backpacking. The new ventilation system in the Flash 60 is going to be a rock star in keeping my sweaty back drier (finally!).

Then there are two simple design changes I adore: (1) slanted side pockets for easy access to my water bottles without having to take off my pack, and (2) small cords to strap on my hiking poles to my pack and the small inserts where I can hide the cords when not in use! As a designer, these are both simple design solutions I really appreciate. One makes it easy to access my water bottles without hassle and the other satisfies my desire for organization. ;) Lastly, I’m stoked to find that they’ve increased the size of the hip belt pockets to fit my smart phone and lots of snacks. (I love snacks!)

These practical changes in the REI Flash 60 make life on the trail a little more comfortable and a littler easier so you can forget about the gear and focus on what the trail’s connecting you to. Perhaps some wildflowers, fluffy clouds and big blue skies await you too.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, in partnership with REI.