Backpacking Snack Ideas / Snack Down, Part 1

Do you ever cringe at spending $2-3 for a bar you've never tried? What if it doesn't taste good?! What a waste! 

I often buy the same bar over and over because I know it won't disappoint especially when I'm hungry on the trail, but there are often a hundred different bars to choose from! As a curious person, I want to know if there's another treasure out there in that massive mix. Sadly, it seems like there are more misses than hits, and the risk feels a bit too expensive.

So I'm trying something new here. It's the Snowqueen & Scout Snack Down! (Get it? Like "smack down." Hehe.)

I'll choose some random bars and let you know the info I'm looking for in a product, like price, calories and protein (plus a few other bits of info like sugar content and if it's gluten-free). Then, I'll share my thoughts on the texture and taste. 

*The price will vary depending on where you buy them. The prices I list is how much I paid at a local grocery store.
*No one provided these bars to me. I paid for them with all the pennies I saved. ;-)

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The pictures below correspond with the order of images above. 

Winner of this Snack Down is #4: CLIF Mojo. Even though it was too salty, for the price and the amount of protein it has, it's the most worth it. 
Runner-up: #3: KIND Almond & Coconut. It's low in protein, but it's the tastiest one of this batch. It's one that I can imagine wanting to eat when I'm tired and feeling low. 

Which one would you try?