soto od-1r

My Kitchenito

We all need to eat. My belly certainly does, and so does the rest of my body when I know a low-blood sugar level puts me in a bad place, and puts those around me in danger. Below is my kitchenito (aka: micro kitchen) for very simple dinners in the backcountry. 


Stove: Soto Microregulator stove [2.6oz]

Fuel: Jetboil Jetpower Fuel [8oz]

Cookset: Snow Peak hybrid summit cookset [3oz]

Windshield: home made with an aluminum cookie sheet [0.6oz]

2 rubber bands

Total weight: 14.5oz


1) This is what my kitchen looks like when it’s all put together.

2) When I take off the lid, this is how I store my kitchen.

3) I have the stove on top, inside the bag it originally came in. I do this to keep the stove protected in case it wants to bounce around. If I wanted to shed a bit of weight (0.5oz), I wouldn’t use the little black bag, but I don't mind the extra bit of protection. 

4) Here’s everything that lives inside my cookset (aka: overpriced cup). From left to right: bag for stove, stove, windshield, fuel, lid, cup, rubber bands

5) This is what my cookset looks like in action in the Tetons.


What does your kitchenito look like?