the great discontent

#100daysofwilderness: Intro

It doesn't sound like what you might be thinking. I won't be in the wilderness for the next 100 days. What I am going to do for the next 100 days is write about something (anything!) related to the wilderness.

Elle Luna is an artist I've been following for a while, and she's teamed up with The Great Discontent to encourage people to partake in #100dayproject. It feels a little scary to commit out loud (not just in the safety of my head), but after receiving feedback from you all about what you'd like to see on Snowqueen & Scout, I'm determined to make this site of better service to you.

Last weekend, my husband asked me: "How have you been making wilderness backpacking simple for women?"
Me: *Gulp* "I'm not sure. I don't think I really have...."

My response was a great wake-up call to figure it out. I've decided to this by....exploring! I'm going to take the next 100 days to explore lots of different topics ranging from trail itineraries, trip reports, photo galleries, small (but awesome) tips & tricks, primitive fire skills, wilderness medicine, and more! I hope you'll follow along and more importantly, ENGAGE with me. 

Tag your tweets, instagram and facebook updates with #100daysofwilderness so we can all learn from each other. I'd love to see what we can all come up with together!

Here's to a 100 days of women learning from the wilderness!