tiny containers

Lighten Your Load / Tiny jars are not just cute.

I've been looking for tiny little jars to replace my already small travel size containers because what's considered "small" in a carry-on rolling suitcase is actually quite large, heavy, and bulky when it's on your back for 50 miles. Plus, you usually don't need a whole 3oz of sunblock. It's simply too much, unless you plan on wearing a 1" thick layer on your face. 

To my absolute delight, I recently came across a few options I'm excited to try. There's one in particular I want to highlight today, simply because of how brilliant I'm feeling about the find. (Haha) Seriously. I feel like a total geek bad-ass. (We'll see how it works out on the trail, but for now, I'm very pleased!)

Tiny "sample" jar
Leak-proof (see pic below)
Weighs 0.1oz
Holds 0.23 fl oz
Perfect for: lotion, sunscreen, toothpaste/powder, etc


What essential item would you use this container for in the wilderness?